Ive been coaching since the age of 18…… thats 26 years give or take and its been an amazing journey with many highs and inevitable lows!

I wanted to share a journey, not only of my own but also guest writers who like to share their thoughts about developing players and being part of the organisation that gets a team out every Saturday during the rugby season.

I was once an old school coach, rugby had to be played my way, players had to do it how I said, no matter what. If this meant practicing something 500 times in a two and a half hour session then thats what was needed.

Fast forward to today and I am now the polar opposite, my favourite word on the paddock is “Jouez”, my favourite type of player is the high risk creative player who can make or break a game for you.

This blog is all about sharing thoughts and challenging what we perceive to be normal practice… something like the traditional Thursday night team run!!

Dedicated to blogging about anything to do with coaching rugby union. Including guest writers from all levels of the game


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